Railings, plaques, engineering castings. artwork and metal works.


We are an Edinburgh based foundry and only in the surrounding area to make everything in house. we specialize in all cast iron work, such as, railings, gates, balusters, coal fire repairs, plaques, art work and crafts. We also can remake any broken items such as plastics, plaster and other materials that you may wish to have in metal. We can also cast other metals on request


We can take any original casting and make a duplicate casting component up to 60 kilograms and sometimes beyond. Which means if you have any broken or missing items of  cast iron or other metals we can restore or reproduce it to its original condition.


We at Edinburgh Cast Metal pride ourselves in using traditional green sand moulding which is an age old traditional process in foundry work.  Our team has over 40 years experience in the traditional green sand process.  Our passion and dedication is to produce high quality products at cost effective prices.



In our Architectural section you will see samples of railings and balusters, all bars and sizes of castings may vary to customers choice, in some cases patterns may have to be provided. You will also find in our other product sections various craft work, plaques, collectables and signs we have for sale and also design your own.


If you have any other casting ideas or need any advice please do contact us on edinburghcastmetals@hotmail.co.uk.